Bay Area Friends

The San Francisco Bay Area's Social Group for People with Genital Herpes

@ 20% of Adults in the USA have the virus for Genital Herpes, but @ 90% of them don't even know it! You are not alone! Please join us!

Herpes Support Groups

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*NOTE: If you live outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, click here for links to Herpes Support Groups all over the US and Canada on


Although Bay Area Friends is a primarily a Social Group with a variety of member-organized social events and activities, we do offer a local in-person Herpes Support Group every other month at a private residence in Oakland. We also post information on our private Meetup Group about a monthly phone/online herpes support group and you can participate from home or wherever you are.  Occasionally, there are support group meetings in other locations around the Bay Area, but these are infrequent.  So please make a special effort to attend the Oakland meetings or the monthly phone meetings if you need support!  Please join the Bay Area Friends Meetup Group to see when the next meetings are happening.

Monthly HSupport Group Conference Call

Many Bay Area Friends members participate in the Monthly HSupport Conference Call and online support group, which usually happens on the first Sunday of every month from 4-6 PM PST.  Details are usually posted on the BAF Meetup Group  during the week before each meeting.  Each month there is a new topic, and H Support Group leaders from all over the USA are guest panelists.   This is a great place to ask questions.

Herpes Support Group Meetings in the San Francisco Bay Area

There is a local in-person Herpes Support Group that takes place every other month at a member’s private home in Oakland.  Occasionally, there are sometimes support group meetings in other locations – but not very often.  Please make sure to join the BAF Meetup Group to keep informed about when such meetings occur. There are a few experienced Support Group Moderators in our group who will be happy to facilitate a meeting, if someone else will host a meeting in their home, or other local meeting place. Support group meetings have been held in private homes, restaurants, parks, and hospital meeting rooms and in other places where participants feel like they have sufficient privacy. With your help, these meetings can be organized whenever there is sufficient interest. Please join the BAF Meetup Group  to express your interest in attending a Support Group, and if you don’t want to go to Oakland, then be prepared to help find a location, day and time that works for others.

National HELP – a free, but *secret* Facebook Support Group for Herpes & HPV

NOTE: You cannot find this group by doing a search!  You can only join by following the instructions below.

National HELP is a *secret* Facebook Support Group – for herpes and HPV related topics only. Because this group is *secret* – all group activity is private and will NEVER appear on your public Facebook profile and cannot be found or seen by anyone except other members.  Here, you can ask your questions about herpes and HPV, and a group of experienced H Support Group leaders from all over the USA will try to answer or tell you where to find more information.

To join the secret Facebook National HELP support group, login to Facebook, and find JoAnn Purkey (she OK’d this link).  Then send her a “friend request” and make sure to also send her a private message saying that you “have herpes and want to join the secret HELP group on Facebook.” She’ll make you a member.  After that, you can un-friend her if you want.   PLEASE NOTE:  It may take a few days and up to a week for JoAnn to add you to the National HELP secret Facebook Group.  Remember, she and all of the other herpes support group leaders are just UNPAID VOLUNTEERS who have other jobs and personal commitments.

Phone Consultations (Costs $)  with Herpes Experts at the Westover Heights Clinic/Terri Warren

If you are willing to pay for expert answers about your particular herpes questions, and have a credit card and are willing to pay $5 a minute (minimum charge is $50 for a 10-minute call), then contact the Westover Heights Clinic to set up a phone appointment.  The owner, Terri Warren RN, is one of the leading herpes experts in the USA.  Click here for the Westover Heights Clinic page on Herpes Phone Consult Appointments.

National Herpes Hotline: (919) 361-8488

The National Herpes Hotline (NHH) is operated by ASHA as part of the Herpes Resource Center (HRC). The hotline, which receives over 60,000 calls a year, provides accurate information and appropriate referrals to anyone concerned about herpes. Trained Health Communication Specialists are available to address questions related to transmission, prevention and treatment of herpes simplex virus (HSV). The NHH also provides support for emotional issues surrounding herpes such as self-esteem and partner communication. The hotline is open from 9am to 6pm, ET, Monday through Friday.

Overwhelmed? Depressed? Thoughts of Suicide? Get help right now:

or call Suicide Prevention Helpline at


For more links to useful medical information about herpes, please see our Herpes Links and Info page.

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