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Bay Area Friends (BAF) has over 2000 members if you combine the members of our  Bay Area Friends Meetup Group and include those who are still belong to our original Bay Area Friends Yahoo Group, which is being phased out. The Bay Area Friends Meetup Group is very active! Membership is totally free and new people join every day. Bay Area Friends has numerous social events and activities every month – and these are only visible if you join our Meetup Group.

Except for the group description page, our Bay Area Friends Meetup Group is completelye PRIVATE and only other MEMBERS can view our content. We have lots of great information on such things as local doctors knowledgeable about HSV, event descriptions, local social event reminders, member profiles, and links to important medical and other information. Again – ONLY MEMBERS can view this information!

BAF members are ALL AGES between 18-80, any gender, any ethnic background, any religion, any political beliefs, any economic background, any sexual preference, singles and couples. About 50% of our members are between the ages of 30-50, with 25% under 30 and 25% over 50.

When requesting to join the BAF Meetup Group or the old Yahoo Group, please make sure to mention that you have HSV or herpes so that we know you are in the right place! Believe it or not, some people don’t read our group description carefully and don’t realize that we are not simply a social group, but that we are a social group specifically for people with genital herpes. So be sure to tell us why you are “qualified” to join! If you neglect to say that you have herpes, we’ll reject your membership request – but you can always just re-apply and then include that vital piece of info so that we can approve you!

Bay Area Friends Meetup Group:

“Old” Bay Area Friends Yahoo Group:

Message Board Tips & Privacy:

  • For your privacy, we recommend that you create a new free email account with Yahoo or Gmail or another service and use a different or anonymous name for your email address. Then join Bay Area Friends using your new email address. This way, you can keep your “H” correspondence separate from your regular personal or work email accounts. If your new email address is very different from your other personal or work email addresses, then nobody will know it’s you even if they “google” it. For privacy purposes, this is the way to go.
  • Please note that our Message Boards are mostly for discussing BAF social events or asking or answering questions about Herpes or dating or other topics of mutual interest. The boards should not be used for personal ads, using explicit language, flaming someone, or for making comments about politics, race or religion.

Bay Area Friends

San Francisco, CA
1,538 Members

Bay Area Friends (BAF) is a PRIVATE social group for people with genital herpes (HSV-1, HSV-2) who live in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Only our group description is vi…

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