Bay Area Friends

The San Francisco Bay Area's Social Group for People with Genital Herpes

@ 20% of Adults in the USA have the virus for Genital Herpes, but @ 90% of them don't even know it! You are not alone! Please join us!

Gay with Herpes-LGBT

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Lesbian – Gay – Bi – Transgender – LGBT with Herpes

If you are gay, lesbian, bi or transgender and have genital herpes (HSV1 and/or HSV2) you are not alone!

Bay Area Friends welcomes everyone over 18 who has genital herpes, regardless of gender, sexual preference, race, religion, ethnicity or point of view. To join BAF’s Yahoo Group, go to:

There are also 2 Newer Yahoo Groups that you can join catering to gays or lesbians who live in the SF Bay Area. One group is specifically for lesbians, and the other group is specifically for gay/bi men. These are:

Bay Area Lesbians with Herpes is at

SF Gay Men with Herpes is at:

We encourage you to join the Main Bay Area Friends Group as well, since these other groups are not as active as BAF, and friendships with other people with herpes can be very empowering, whether or not your new friends share your sexual preferences.

Whatever group(s) you decide to join – remember – these groups are new and will become whatever you make of them. If you make a consistent effort to get the word out and build awareness, over time you will be able to increase your membership and support network. Tell your friends and partners to join. Organize events and gatherings for your group so members can meet each other. Don’t expect other people to do all the work. Do your part!

Good luck!

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